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KSF's mission is to improve the quality of life for youth who face delinquency, abandonment, poor academics and many other facets that decrease their chances of becoming productive and sound individuals. KSF's goal is to transform youth by teaching them to exhibit “King & Queen-like” mannerisms and to live elite lifestyles. KSF promotes an environment that encourages youth to live a life of distinction and to be men and women of valor.



Our Team is committed to providing programs that focus on improving the quality of life for youth through our Outreach and Residential programs. We are committed to proving outreach services and community partnerships to serve youth of our community. We are committed to mentoring, case management, providing positive role modeling, and positive one-on-one and small group interactions. We are committed to operate each residential location with a capacity of 10 boys who are considered to be at-risk of abuse, to re-offend, and/or at risk of academic failure. We are committed in providing exemplary custody, treatment and supervision to these youth. We are committed to providing residential services with a 6-9 month training program. We are committed to providing a safe living environment for each youth in our care. We are committed to interventions and transformation of each youth we touch. We are committed in transforming youth from ordinary to royalty.

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